Our First Ever Stockist!

Posted by Jessica C on

Hope and I met in 2018 at RMIT University in Brunswick, whilst studying Fashion Design and Technology. I remember sitting at a local cafe with her, talking about our future endeavours and what we wanted to achieve in life. We were both so passionate about fashion and the industry and knew we wanted to go off and have our own businesses. A number of years later, Hope and her partner Connor started an online boutique called Our Annalise and not long after, my brand Taluna was born. 

Little did we know we would come back together years down the track and begin working together, collaborating our two businesses. I never could have imagined a few months after Taluna's launch, my pieces would be in a physical store, but here we are! Our Annalise are our first ever stockists and I'm sure we will continue to work together for years to come. 


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